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✨A special offer for sparkling wellbeing✨


Invest in yourself NOW and feel amazing
Gift yourself a booze-free November, RELAX and ENJOY this autumn and winter and be radiant AF for the festive season!
November is the PERFECT month for rest, relaxation, and renewal...
Let me guide you through 30 gorgeous days of freedom together
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30 days alcohol-free 
with ease + joy 


A unique live group coaching experience with me, Emma Seymour

 ✨Reclaim your radiance!✨


Welcome, radiant queen. 

I’m so glad you’re here, becaus this means you’re really thinking about doing something wonderful for yourself this autumn.


Bring it ON, baby ❤️✨

I want to applaud you right now… because even considering this move takes courage. 

We live in a drinking culture. To live (and enjoy your life) without alcohol, for any length of time, is a rebellious move, a power move. And you can do it. 

Yes, YOU.


I know these last few years have been challenging. You’re not alone. Lockdown, uncertainty and all the extra stress have combined to make many of us drink more alcohol than we’re truly happy about - and to wonder about taking some time off from booze.

This November is the perfect opportunity to give yourself a goddam break 

(in more ways than one). 

We all feel a lot of things about colder days and darker nights.

If you take this leap and join me in Radiant+ AF, I promise you a GORGEOUS month of DEEP relaxation, soul nourishment, cosiness, healing, laughs and joy that will lift your spirits, open your heart and keep you radiant all winter.


It might just be the best November you've EVER had!


And how will it feel?

We’re talking "luxurious, easy, flowing, inspired, energised, rested and recharged, buzzing, joyful, cocooned, grateful, chilled, loved up, on fire, winning, rejuvenated, so glad, and full of love"

(NB: These ^^ are all actual words from actual Radiant+ AF alumni.)



A sober month can genuinely be an amazing experience.


Yet, most people won’t consider actually doing it.


But you are here, so I know you ARE considering it. 

Let me tell you now, dear one: if you want this, you can do it. ​

Because YOU are powerful. 


You’re an original, a one-off. There will never be another you, with exactly this life, or this story.

You have unique gifts to share, and the world needs you in your power, now more than ever.

I want you to feel and know how powerful you are. To realise your true potential. 


To know yourself better, and to love what you find.


To know who you are, what you want, and to live your life on purpose. 

Women with Sparklers
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Yes, a month AF will absolutely give you health benefits: you'll sleep better, lose weight if you want, enjoy better relationships and probably save you money, too). 


But for me, the most exciting part is that you get to feel so damn proud of yourself because you’ll be achieving something that most adults think they could never do. 


Most won’t even try. 


But you are different. 


YOU are HERE, right now.



Benefits of Radiant + AF include...*

  • Better sleep

  • Clearer mind

  • More energy

  • Reduced anxiety

  • Find it easier to relax…

  • … and to cope with stress

  • Healthier body

  • Lose weight (if you want/need to)

  • Reduced health risks

  • Feel happier

  • Less moody/reduced mood swings

  • Be more present with your loved ones

  • Make better choices and decisions

  • Enjoy better relationships

  • Feel more like your true self

  • Feel really proud of yourself

  • Recognise your own courage and power

Image by Thought Catalog

*Please note that benefits and results are very likely but of course they can’t be guaranteed, and everyone’s experience will be different.

What's Included?


4x weekly group coaching sessions, including time for Q&A (Mondays @ 7-8.30pm BST). These are live sessions, hosted by me (Emma Seymour) on Zoom. If you can’t attend live, you can pre-submit your questions and you’ll get a replay recording. Each one is themed but you’re welcome to bring whatever is going on with you that week.



A private, supportive Facebook group for that all-important community element. I’ll be in the group every day during our thirty days together, to answer questions and encourage you.


Weekly content (videos and audios with transcripts, plus emails) created just for you. Includes informal lectures to help you learn more about alcohol and your body and mind, stress and anxiety, relaxation, sleep, habits and the psychology of change, and your overall wellbeing. 


I have created 4 guided meditation recordings just for you, designed especially to support you throughout these 30 days and beyond. They will help you to sleep better, relax and de-stress more easily, take care of yourself and enjoy socialising without alcohol. They are yours to keep forever, and I honestly believe your investment would be worth it for these audios alone.


4x weekly relaxation sessions, involving guided meditation, gentle movement and breathwork, and/or yoga nidra (yogic sleep, oh yes).  You do not need any experience or prior knowledge of yoga or meditation. They are guided and safe and available to all, regardless of physical age or ability.  And, they will make you feel amazing. 

Dancing Women

How do I know if this is for me?

This programme is perfect for you if:

"The thought of taking a month off the sauce is:

  • Hard: You've done it before (but boy, was it a S-T-R-U-G-G-L-E)

  • OK: You've done it before and breezed it tbh, but you still know it could be better.

  • Terrifying: You're a first-timer and never tried a month before 

  • Excited: You're a first-timer and love the idea, but want support

  • Both a challenge AND a relief: You know this is just what you need, you're so ready, and you'd LOVE to actually enjoy it! 


Whichever one of these you are, I've got you... let's go!

Image by Ana Itonishvili

Maybe your vision is longer term...



  • Perhaps you’re sober curious and ready to begin that journey in a safe and supportive environment.

  • Maybe you’ve had periods of living Alcohol Free already and want more.

  • Or you’re already living your best AF life, but you love the sound of all the relaxation, meditations and dance parties and want to join the fun… and who could blame you?

Support Group

Meet Your Teacher

Hello love, I’m Emma Seymour, and I’m thrilled you’re here. 


I’m a clinical hypnotherapist, transformational coach, workshop + retreat leader, yoga + Qoya teacher, and also a certified recovery coach. I help my clients heal whatever needs to be healed, and if they want, to change their relationship with alcohol, however they choose

I live in London with my partner, and I’m blessed with a wonderful stepdaughter. 


I’ve been a qualified hypnotherapist since 2011, which means I've helped to transform a LOT of lives, and I’ve also completed a LOT of training and qualifications. You're in safe hands.

I'm both a trauma survivor and trauma-informed. I'm committed to becoming a good ally and ancestor, and to standing against discrimination. I don't have it all figured out, and I will never be perfect, but I'm always willing to receive feedback and to learn, and my intention is to be kind, curious and compassionate.


Alcohol and Me

Over the last ten years, I've had periods of complete sobriety, moderation and 'mindful drinking', and over-indulgence. I felt so much better when I didn't drink but I felt so alone, and definitely didn't feel I belonged in AA.


I told myself I was a failure whenever I drank again, especially if I'd promised myself a week or a month off and didn't manage it. 

I really wish I'd had Radiant+ AF all those years ago!

know from both my own experience as well as the scientific evidence that taking time off booze is the best thing you can do for your health and wellbeing. 

This is especially true if you've experienced trauma, grief, stress, anxiety, and/or menopause. 

I finally committed to my own recovery and a life free from alcohol in June 2019. And do you know what?

It’s been the best decision I EVER made!

If I had one day left on earth, I’d want to tell as many people (and especially women) that it’s totally possible (and probably much easier and more fun than you think) to live without alcohol.

Living a radiant AF life has given me more freedom and confidence than I ever believed possible.

There are so many benefits - even in just 30 days!



I am so glad you’re here now. I’m so happy you got this far. 


You deserve freedom... peace... love... and joy, baby! 


If these feel like true desires for you right now, come on in.


You’ll be so glad.

*Save £100 if you join by Friday 14th October*


PAY IN FULL: just £397

(Price increases to £497 after 14 Oct)



(Price increases after 14 Oct to 2x £249 )

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