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About Emma

Hey love. I’m Emma Seymour, clinical hypnotherapist, transformational coach, Qoya and yoga teacher, sound and reiki healer, retreat leader, workshop facilitator and qualitative researcher. I'm the founder of Seymour Wellness and Radiant+ AF.

I'm qualified, experienced, and on a mission to help you overcome your challenges, heal past wounds, achieve your dreams and goals, and become all you want to be.

Let's get you everything you truly desire.

Like most people, I've suffered. I’ve struggled with trauma, phobia, depression, anxiety of different kinds, insomnia, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, addiction, disordered eating, weight issues, fertility concerns and - of course - relationships.

​I know what it is to want change. 

The first person to ever really help me was a hypnotherapist. My arachnophobia (which was MAD SEVERE) was gone after a single session. In one relaxing hour, my life changed forever, and not just because I could cope with spiders.

I had found my calling. 

I had hypnotherapy for other things too, and I was amazed by the power of using our minds in this way. Yet I was also frustrated, because something was still missing. Now I know the missing parts related to trauma healing, embodiment, and being truly, radically real.  

These are now three of the most important elements of my work. 

So, let's get real. Who am I?


I am a dreamer and a healer. I'm a writer and a speaker. I'm a professional listener, and I take it very seriously (listening is a lost art and it's super effing important). I care massively about science and evidence, but I'm also deeply spiritual and intuitive. I'm married (to a research psychologist) and I have a grown-up stepdaughter. If you care, I'm an Aries, triple fire sign. I'm Scottish, but I live in Dorset on the south coast of England, by the beach, because I love the sea and hate the cold. 

I've been so far down I thought I'd never get back up. I've terrified the life out of myself. I've been silenced, and worse, I've silenced myself..... for a long, long time. So I know first-hand the harm that can do. 

I spent most of my life wanting to hide, or disappear completely. I was shy, from childhood to adulthood. 

When I started to examine my past it was clear I'd been socially anxious and frightened for many years, without anyone recognising it, let alone doing anything about it. 

Unsurprisingly, alcohol was my best friend, until it wasn't. I was the life and soul of the party but somewhere along the road, it stopped being fun and became exhausting, and then also scary. 

I was fascinated by sobriety, and sober women. I knew I wanted to liberate myself, I knew there was a bigger life waiting for me, but I could not imagine anything worse than stopping drinking. My life would be over. 

Of course, there came a day when continuing to drink finally seemed like a worse prospect than stopping, and that - in my opinion and experience - is when all transformation occurs: when the pain of changing becomes less than the pain of staying the same. It's like flipping a switch, and very few people will take a leap into the unknown until it occurs. (I can help you get there, if there's a change you want and you can't wait for it to 'just happen'.)

Quitting booze was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Being sober is the greatest gift I've ever given myself. 

Recovery is the journey of my life. 

I made a commitment to sobriety and recovering myself in June 2019. It's one of the few things I've ever stuck with. It hasn't been plain sailing, and that is not the last time I drank. I'm no overnight success story. 

I'm a messy, complicated woman. I'm probably neurodivergent but I haven't had any diagnosis. I struggle with all kinds of things that many people seem to find easy. I used to believe I was a broken, faulty human. But I can do lots of things easily that other people find hard, or say they could never do. We're all different. 

Some of us are just a bit more different than the rest.


​Ha! But it's true. I'm here for brilliant, talented, brave and ambitious women who struggle, suffer, self-sabotage and feel crippled by doubt and the weight of exhaustion.  If you know you're doing so much of what you're meant to but you still feel like you're not enough, or too much, or you think there has to be more to life than THIS, I've got you. 


As well as hypnotherapy, transformational coaching and Qoya/yoga/sound healing, I'm also a certified recovery coach. Recovery has given me so much, but there aren't that many resources or organisations in the UK that approach it in the way I need and appreciate. So I got certified, so that I can be of service to women who feel like and need the same things I did. 

I love to work with women who are sober, or sober curious, or sober determined, or who are simply beyond bored/frustrated/terrified by their current relationship to alcohol, and want something to change. 

I also work with women who are 100% ok with their current relationship with alcohol, whether you drink it or not. If you're happy, I'm happy. If you want change, let's make it happen. 

I am never, ever here to tell you (or anyone else) what to do.

(Unless you explicitly ask me to, and even then I'm probably going to turn it back to you.)

You're the expert on you. I'm your guide, your coach. You already have all the wisdom and strength and courage within you that you'll ever need. I just need to show you that.

It took me a long time to believe that about myself. Now in my mid-forties, I no longer drink, I’m pretty healthy, I genuinely like myself, and I'm generally excited about the cosmic adventure of being alive. I feel a lot of joy, and I trust myself. That's huge.

Recovery is not just about not drinking, or whatever the thing is you want to stop or change. It's the recovery and discovery of being who you are. It's the journey of coming home to yourself. It's about trust.

Thanks to my own experiences on my healing journey, and the coaches, therapists, guides and teachers who lit the way for me, I am - at last - a confident, calm, happy, loving person. And when I'm not (life can be bloody hard), I have the tools I need to help me. 

Sharing these tools with you is my job. 

I'm grateful for absolutely everything I've experienced, even the difficult times, including some things I wouldn't wish on anyone. It's pretty simple: my struggles turned out to be my greatest teachers. Yogic wisdom and various philosophers (and middle age, let's face it) have taught me that the obstacle is indeed the way, and that with the right mindset, practices and tools, I - and you, and we - can alchemise our suffering into gold. 

Failure creates the path to success. 

Mistakes foster neuroplasticity and make it possible for us to learn and hone. 

Fear points the way to our deepest desires. 

Pain is so often our bodies' way of communicating, when we're not listening.

Anxiety is telling us that something is off.  

Your deepest fears and most shameful secrets are actually holding your greatest treasures. 

The main work I do is transformational coaching. It's alchemy, truly.

I often use other elements in conjunction: yoga and tantric yogic wisdom for embodied understanding, Qoya for embodiment and life-changing joy, yoga nidra for deep relaxation, hypnotherapy for breaking unhelpful patterns/habits and creating change, breathwork and sound baths for energetic healing. All of these are conducive to healing transformation, but we don't need them all at once, we'll just use whatever works. Your experience with me is always tailored to your unique specific needs and desires.  


I offer transformational coaching as a 1-to-1 service and in groups. Groups are great, I love group work, it's so powerful. My next group coaching programme will start in October. If you want to get on the waitlist for that please send me an email. 


Community really matters.

We need to be in community, in circle, in groups. It's so healing and fun, and enriching: people are always amazed by it. But even as little as five years ago, I personally avoided joining any group coaching, because of the way I felt about myself, and the social anxiety I experienced.  Sometimes we really need 1-to-1 coaching and healing. It's bespoke and it works. 

Most people start with me 1-to-1. It's the deepest, fastest route to transformation. 

Everything is about relationship, and it all starts with the relationship you have with yourself.

(It's a cliche because it's true.)


I create a safe space in which you can be 100% real and true and honest. This alone can be life-changing, and I'm

genuinely honoured to hold space for you.

I've gone through a LOT to be where I am today: to be here, ready to guide and support you. I know you've gone through a lot to be here too, and I am so, so glad you've found me. 

​I'm here to help you live, work, feel, love, and succeed the way you truly want to. Book a call, let's have a chat. It's free, there's no obligation, at the very least it'll be helpful, and it might just be the start of amazing. 

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