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Let's Work Together

Everything I offer is in the service of liberating your creativity, joy and vitality


Transformational Hypnotherapy + Coaching

This is the core of my work. For the fastest and most profound 


experience, work with me 1-to-1. This is the VIP gold standard. 

You can join the waitlist for 2023 now

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Qoya + Yoga Classes, plus retreats and workshops

Uplifting, relaxing group classes and events for women.


Online and in-person coming soon.

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Bespoke Workshops for Organisations

Stress management + relaxation for teamwork, focus, health + creativity

Join My Masterclass and get set for your Best January EVER

Join me on Friday 9th December 2022 @ 11am (UK) to discover how to change your relationship to alcohol, and why this is the key to your liberation in 2023

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