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  Saturday 27th March 2021 @ 11am-1.00pm GMT

 Welcome, beautiful!


The last 12 months have been exhausting, right?


I know you’re tired and probably stressed

It can be tricky to get any peace right now, and even if you do, it’s hard to relax!


Breathe out, dear queen. Let it go.

You’re in the right place.

Let those shoulders start to drop, because I’ve got just the thing.

And by goddess, do we need it!


Spring is coming, lockdown will be easing.
Yes, there is light at the end of this tunnel.


But first.... We’ve got to replenish ourselves.


 ✨It's time to maximise your rest and supercharge your relaxation. ✨

I’ve created the perfect antidote….  a mini-retreat, delivered online, so you can relax at home.


It’s time to shut the door on distractions, close your eyes and let me guide you… it’s like taking a tiny holiday… without even leaving the house.

...and all for less than the cost of a massage!


WHEN: Saturday 27th March
TIME: 11AM - 1.00 PM

WHERE: In the comfort of your own home.

It’s going to be blissful… dreamy… uplifting… and powerful.


You’ll feel amazing AND learn skills that can help to uplevel your whole life, because the ability to relax easily and deeply is like a superpower in our busy world. 

Plus, the benefits (which are plentiful) will keep coming for weeks.



What To Expect

  • Great music, feel-good movement, deep relaxation and guided meditation.

  • The powerful energy of moving and meditating with amazing like-minded, like-hearted women around the world - there’s nothing quite like it!

  • You don’t need ANY experience (of any part) to enjoy this retreat and get the benefits; I’ll guide you through every step.

  • It's safe, gentle and accessible time for all.

  • You can choose whether to have your camera on or off at any point.

  • If you want to lie down and relax throughout, you’re welcome to do so. It's your choice!

  • You’ll have access to the replay for a limited time AND you’ll receive audio recordings of the guided meditation to keep, so you can create your own wellbeing ritual + practices. 

  • All you need to do is sign up, and show up. Let me take care of the rest.

Forget any new year’s resolutions that were just impossible to keep during these crazy times, or were never really aligned with your true needs and desires in the first place. 



Who is this for?

This is for you if:

  • You’re stressed, exhausted and fecking well fed up of lockdown

  • You’re TIRED

  • You want to relax but it’s so hard!

  • You’re anxious and would love a break from all those THOUGHTS

  • You don’t know how, but you feel like there’s still never enough time for everything 

  • The looming end of lockdown has sent you into a bit a panic

  • You need an energy boost

  • You’re a woman/mother/stepmother/daughter

  • You want to dance and have fun

  • You want to lie down and relax more deeply than ever before.

  • You keep meaning to meditate/relax/do something nice for yourself, but it’s not easy 


Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I’m Emma Seymour, and I’m absolutely thrilled you’re here. 


I'm an expert in sleep, rest, and relaxation.

Hardly any of us get enough of these, and it's my mission to help change that. 

I’m a clinical hypnotherapist, coach, workshop + retreat leader, yoga + Qoya teacher. This work has been my life for a decade, and I’ve done a lot of training and qualifications. 

I'm also a trauma survivor and all my work is trauma-informed. Everything I teach has worked for me, and is grounded in science.


I'm committed to doing my own anti-racist work and and to social justice. I'm always willing to receive feedback and to learn.



The Details

This gorgeous experience costs just £44 per person


Included in the fee are your guided audio recordings to keep forever, so you can continue enjoying the experience long after the event


Invite a friend and SAVE!

If you want to invite a friend who would love time out to relax, it’s just £66 to book for two people, saving you £11 each. (And it makes for a lovely gift.)


Please note, numbers are limited so that I can connect with everyone fully


One more thing...
You are worthy. Full stop. You have the right to invest in your own health and well-being.


Self-care is NOT selfish. In fact, I honestly believe it’s the most loving and responsible thing you can do. As women, and especially if we’re mothers (or have mothering energy), it can be really, REALLY hard to honour our own needs.


But please believe me when I say this:

taking good care of yourself has amazing benefits for everyone around you,

most especially for the people you love, and even more so for those who depend on you. 

If you crumble, the world crumbles. 

You cannot pour from an empty cup/jug/well. 

You’ve got to fit your own oxygen mask first. 


I know you’ll have heard all of this before, perhaps many times. But it bears repeating, because it can feel so damn hard to overcome our conditioning. 

If you’re a parent, consider it an opportunity

to model self-care to your child or children. Teach them how to value and nourish themselves by showing them how it’s done: by valuing and nourishing yourself. We learn what we see.


AND: whether you’re a parent or not, the world needs you in your power, now more than ever. There are NO prizes for burning out.


Deep rest and relaxation is, in my honest opinion, the absolute BEST and most effective self-care. Being well rested makes everything else feel better, and become easier. 


All you need to do is sign up and show up.
Let me take care of the rest.
  • When does Radiant+ AF start and finish?
    We start the January '23 round on Sunday 1st January 2023 with a welcome circle at 8pm (you don't need to say or do anything in this session, and it's fine to come hungover and/or keep your camera off) and we'll have our first group coaching session on Monday 2nd January at 8pm UK time. We finish on Tuesday 31st January with a closing circle. Both the welcome circle and the closing circle are designed to be relaxing, restorative sessions. I'll also be offering a bonus intention-setting session on Friday 30th December to help you prepare, and a reflection circle in the first week of February, to help you integrate the experience and move forward with the greatest benefit.
  • Are spaces limited?
    Places are limited, yes, because I care every single person who signs up. You get my personal time and attention every step of the way. We have live classes and coaching sessions every week, so you’ll have lots of opportunity to ask me questions (live or pre-submitted). You also have the option of adding on 1:1 sessions at a special discounted rate, not available outside of Radiant+ AF, just for you.
  • Do I need experience of living Alcohol Free to take part?
    You don’t need any experience of living without booze to participate and thrive in this programme. People have signed up full of doubt and fear, and have ended their 30 days brimming with new-found confidence, and yes, actual radiance.
  • Do I need any experience of yoga/Qoya/meditation?
    No. You don't need previous experience of any of it. I'll be guiding you every step of the way. Everything is about you moving and focusing in ways that feel good to you. This is safe, accessible and beneficial for everyone.
  • Will I get 1:1 time with you?
    Not as part of the group programme. It's exactly that, a GROUP programme, and for good reason: community, sisterhood and support are key to this experience. You can however add on 1:1 sessions throughout the month at very special rates that are just for for my radiant AF queens. Please send me an email (
  • Is this a recovery programme like AA or Tempest?
    This is NOT a recovery programme, like AA or Tempest. However, if you want to reduce or stop drinking, if you're thinking about your own recovery, Radiant+ AF can be a gateway or add-on to that experience. I can help also help you 1:1, as I'm a certified recovery coach, and a clinical hypnotherapist. It may help you to know I’m also a trauma survivor and a person in recovery from alcohol myself. The purpose of Radiant+ AF is to create a safe, helpful and enjoyable group programme for people who want to take a break from drinking for 30 days. In here, I’m sharing what I’ve learned and using my skills and experience to guide you and hold space for you during this unique programme. If you're considering recovery, I want you to know that committing to my own recovery journey has been the best decision I've ever made. I am rooting for you!
  • Who is the course not for?
    This is not for you if you're drinking enough that it would be dangerous for you to stop without medical supervision. PLEASE NOTE: quitting alcohol 'cold turkey' (i.e. stopping suddenly) can be dangerous and even fatal for chronic heavy drinkers. If you’re in doubt about whether you could safely stop drinking by yourself, that’s probably a sign that you need some help with this. Please, PLEASE consult your doctor (or get medical help) before stopping drinking alcohol if you're worried. Please know that you’re not alone and help is available, and things can get better. If the thought of stopping drinking is truly terrifying to you, this might not be for you. If this is how you feel, please send me a message ( You're not alone in feeling this way, and I understand, because that’s how I felt too. I need you to know that there’s nothing wrong with you, it’s just that this specific programme is not designed to help you enough with where you’re at right now. You can do the programme with 1:1 support added on. That would be my recommendation. You can always book a free consultation call with me and we'll have a chat. I'm always honest and kind. I'll be gentle with you but I won't BS you. Even thinking about stopping drinking is courageous, so you can exhale right now, and give yourself a break. I see you, and I love you. Seriously. If you’ve been diagnosed with clinical depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or psychosis, or if you're taking anti-depressant medication, please consult your doctor before taking this programme (or any other).
  • Do you offer a payment plan?
    Yes, there is an option to pay in 2 monthly instalments of £222 Please also know that if you're struggling financially but you really feel this programme could help you, please email me directly at, and let's have a chat.
  • What is your refund policy?
    Due to the online nature of the course, we do not offer refunds. We do however offer a payment plan. If you know you need this experience and genuinely cannot afford it, I would never want you to feel excluded. I want you in here! So please reach out and we'll find a way to make it work.

© Emma Seymour 2021. All rights reserved.

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